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If you've ever had questions about Chevrolet tires, we're ready to answer them! At Heritage Chevrolet Buick, we know a lot about tires, caring for them, and how they can keep you safe on the road. The answers you're looking for might already be in our FAQ! 

What's the Correct Tire Pressure? 

The correct pressure for your tire should be written on the inside of your driver's side door. If you don't see it there, check your owner's manual. Keeping your tires properly inflated keeps you safer on the road, makes the drive more comfortable, and helps extend the lifespan of all four tires.  

Why Does My Tire Pressure Go Down in Winter? 

The cold air can cause the pressure in your tires to decline over time. It's wise to occasionally check the pressure of all four tires during the winter months and refill with air when necessary.  

What Do I Do When the Tire Pressure Light Comes On? 

Pulling over and checking your tire pressure should be a priority. Driving around with your tire pressure light on could result in a flat tire or even an accident. Check the pressure of all of your tires and refill with air if needed.  

When Do I Need To Replace My Tires? 

Your tires will need to be replaced when the tread depth gets too shallow. At this point, your tires can no longer offer the traction needed to keep you safe on the road.  

You can test this out for yourself. Put a penny upside-down in the tread of each tire. If you see Abraham Lincoln's entire head, your tread is too shallow.  

Why Are Tire Rotations Important? 

A tire rotation takes all four tires off of your car and puts them back on in different positions. We swear it's not a pointless way to get more money out of you at our Chevy service center! A tire rotation can help extend the life of your tires by ensuring more even wear and tear.  

If you have any more questions about tires, visit our Chevy dealership near Baltimore. We're here to assist you! 

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